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Computer Repair
Not sure what's wrong? No need to unhook everything and haul it off for tech support. Let Tallahassee Tech Guy come to your house or business when it's convenient for you! We can diagnose and fix most problems either on-site or we can pick up your computer, service it and then return your computer. Find out more...

Computer Viruses
No one likes to hear the word virus, but it is a reality that must be faced as a computer user. When you are connected to the internet it is very important to make sure that your system is secure and defended from viruses. Even the best of us can get infected, but Tallahassee Tech Guy can clean your computer of viruses and make sure you are protected. Find out more...

Internet Repair and Wireless Networking
You've heard how great wireless technology is but you don't want to go through the hassle? Let your Tallahassee Tech Guy take care of it. Whether you need a personal network or business we can help. We can also help you connect your handheld devices such as PDAs or iPods to your computer. Find out more...

We take pride in being thorough and routing out spyware and all its components to make your computer run smoothly. Tallahassee Tech Guy doesn't take chances when it comes to defending your computer. We are always researching for the latest in spyware protection. We have an arsenal of programs to find and combat pop ups, data collection, and other forms of spyware. Find out more...

Computer Installation
We've got you covered. If you have a new computer we can set it up. If you have an old computer but you want new hardware, we can upgrade your computer for you. If you have software problems, we are there for you. If there is something that is not mentioned here let us know as we may be able to assist you. So, stop and call your Tallahassee Tech Guy so you can enjoy your computer today! Find out more...

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