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We believe everyone deserves to have their computer function properly and be under the control of the owner, not the advertisers on the internet. Let Tallahassee Tech Guy rid your computer of annoying pop-ups and spyware slowdowns.

What is Spyware? - Spyware consists of small programs that install themselves on your computer without your permission and often without your knowing. Find out more...

Stop Pop-ups! - We all know how frustrating pop-ups can be. You don't have to deal with pop-ups anymore. Let your Tallahassee Tech Guy help clean your computer.

Spyware Removal - We take pride in being thorough and routing out spyware and all its components to make your computer run smoothly. Treat yourself and your computer to a spyware sweep from your own Tallahassee Tech Guy!

Spyware Protection - Tallahassee Tech Guy doesn't take chances when it comes to defending your computer. We are always researching for the latest in spyware protection.

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