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See our glossary of computer terms.

Spyware vs. Viruses: Spyware is different than a computer virus. Spyware consists of small progams that run on your machine without you knowing about them. They collect data about your computer as well as what sites you visit. Not only do they invade your privacy, they also slow down your machine because it is wasting memory working for the spyware instead of for you. You need protection for both spyware and viruses. We can determine what combination of protection software will fit your needs. Receive free analysis with our PC Protection Package!

Free Programs: Many free programs that can be downloaded from the internet can be harmful to your computer. Always check before clicking yes to ensure safe surfing!

Screen Resolution: Many screens come with a default setting that may not take advantage of your screen's size and clarity . Find out how to change your screen resolution.

Screen Capture: If you ever want to capture what is on your screen, for example if you need to show an error message, simply press the "Prt Scr" button (Windows) which is unsually located to the right of the "F12" key at the top of your keyboard. Nothing will display to say you have successfully completed the screen capture, but that is ok. Open a program such as Word. You can then go to "edit" and choose paste, or hold the "Ctrl" key and hit "V". The image of what was on your screen will appear. You can then save this for future reference.

Internet Cache: Your computer has a memory of web pages that you have visited so that the next time you visit it loads faster. Although this saves time, every once in a while you will need to do what is called clearing your cache. This allows your computer to have a fresh start and can solve many problems when viewing the internet. Learn how to clear your cache while in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Character Maps: Ever wonder how to get symbols like ® or © to show? Your computer comes with a character map to select these symbols and more. Simply go to your start menu and look for "character map" which is often in the folder called accessories.

Email Options: In Microsoft Outlook, you can choose to add a "from" option and "bcc" (blind carbon copy) option. Once you open a new message click on options at the top and check the boxes next to the fields you want to include in your message.

New Computers: When purchasing a new computer be sure to save all the discs that come with it. These discs are important should you need extensive repairs.

Difference between the address bar and search bar:
In the address bar you type an address you know, such as, www.tallytechguy.com. A search bar allows you to search by words, such as tallahassee tech guy.

Windows Firewall will only protect you from incoming attacks, but your personal information can still be sent out. Find out more about privacy protection.

Incorrect Auto-complete Passwords: Have you ever entered the wrong password and your computer keeps remembering it incorrectly? You can delete wrong passwords from your computer's memory.

Anti-Virus Software: Remember, your anti-virus software is only as good as it is up-to-date. Make sure you update your anti-virus software everyday to keep yourself protected from new computer viruses!

Computer Lifespan: Most computer issues can be repaired. Your computer should last you several years and if you upgrade hardware, can last upwards of 7 years.

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