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Don't be plagued by the ruinous effects of viruses. Let Tallahassee Tech Guy remove viruses, repair the damage that an infection causes, and get your computer secured. We take virus removal seriously and want you to have a clean computer to work with. That's why every virus removal service comes with a software analysis to make sure your computer has adequate protection. We also take the time to show you what you can do to better protect your computer from virus attacks.

Virus Removal - Viruses tend to be sneaky in nature so the signs of an infection may not surface until the computer is full of viruses. Indications of an infection include:
  • Computer slows down or freezes
  • Internet connection is slow or cuts off unexpectedly
  • Pop-ups, particularly if you are on a safe site such as online banking
  • Blue screens or prompts to boot into "safe mode"
  • Computer shuts off
  • Computer no longer turns on

Virus Protection - Tallahassee Tech Guy can analyze your current virus protection software and make recommendations to give you the most virus protection possible. This can include getting up to date virus definitions or new software that better meets your needs.

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